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  • Horn, Trombone, Tuba, Harp

  • Duration 4 min.

  • First performance on October 18, 2008, in Helsinki, Finland by Tommi Hyytinen, horn, Olav Severeide, trombone, Anders Hauge, tuba and Päivi Severeide, harp

I originally composed this small piece in 2004 for the first Sävellyspaja Composition Masterclass workshop. Triquad consists of two words: tri (three) and quad (four). Numbers 3 and 4 and their relationships were the compositional starting point for this work. The dominant time signature is 3/4, and the metric modulations work on the 3:4 principle. As a statement, the harp plays a 3:4 polyrhythm at the beginning, and there are plenty of triplets and quadruplets for other instruments to play. Those interested in set theory may notice how Triquad starts with pitch-class set 3-4A and ends after various stages in 4-3. The quartet formed by the French horn, trombone, tuba and harp also includes the 3:4 ratio: three out of four instruments are brass instruments. TR, 2008/2023

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