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Piano Quintet


  • Piano, String Quartet

  • Duration 13 min.

  • First performance on March 25, 2005, in Yerevan, Armenia by Armen Vardanyan, violin, Kim Sargsyan, violin, Hasmik Karapetyan, viola, Aram Talalyan, cello, Artur Avanesov, piano

The leitmotif of this work is gradually diminishing kinetic energy. The opening is lively and full of action. Static situations start to appear, and fast and slow passages alternate. Occasionally, stasis takes over, and all five instruments transform into a mechanical machine, furiously duplicating repetitive gestures. The last few minutes of the work are motionless music; only the cello tries unsuccessfully to escape the straitjacket of stasis. TR, 2006

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