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(Hall of Mirrors, 2002)

  • Accordion solo

  • Duration 8 min.

  • Dedicated to Veli Kujala

  • First performance on July 4, 2002, in Ikaalinen, Finland by Veli Kujala

The title Peilisali (Hall of Mirrors) refers to different kinds of symmetries in this work. Varied symmetrical solutions have been present in music since the Middle Ages, and many pieces with musical palindromes exist. A simple way to create this kind of musical form is to use a retrograde so that there is a symmetrical axis in the middle of the piece, which means that the second half of the work is played backwards to its beginning. However, in Peilisali, in addition to mirrors on the walls, there are mirrors on the roof and floor; an inversion and inversion's retrograde create a symmetrical axis at the horizontal level. All this is possible because the melodic and harmonic basis of Peilisali is a symmetrical scale. TR, 2002

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