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Micromusic I: 3 Pieces for Music Box


  • Music Box

  • Duration 3 min.

  • First performance on February 24, 2024, in Tokyo, Japan by Janne Tateno

I. Crystals

II. Bubbles

III. Aurorae

This small suite is for a 30-note manual music box. For each written note, a hole is punched onto a cardboard strip, similar - on a small scale - to the classic piano roll for the player piano. It's impossible to manually punch holes with absolute mathematical precision, so the cardboard strip in itself becomes a kind of interpretation of the written score. Unlike mechanical piano rolls, these pieces are performed by a person, turning the crank of the music box at the chosen speed, with occasional accelerations and slowing the tempo. This aspect also means that each performance is more or less unique. TR, 2024

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