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  • Piano solo, Tape

  • Duration 15 min.

  • First performance on May 25, 2024, in Helsinki, Finland by Aaron Ahola

I. 駅 Eki 1  

II. 森 Mori 

III. 駅 Eki 2 

IV. 海 Umi 

V. 駅 Eki 3 

VI. 渋谷 Shibuya

The title Mamonaku (まもなく) means ”soon” in Japanese. It is one of the most recognisable words when commuting in the country, and you hear it whenever the train or next destination is approaching. On platforms and onboard, a constant stream of jingles and announcements fills the space whilst the passengers never speak or disturb anyone. Similarly, in short Eki (駅, station) movements, we hear short, simple (actually quite banal) jingles played by the piano and from the electronic part. Mamonaku is unashamed "tourism music", if you like, and represents musical naivism, keeping the Japanese kawaii (cuteness) culture in mind. Artificiality, in the form of robotic voice and vintage synth sounds of the jingles, is also a core part of this work. The three Eki movements lead to different kinds of sonic sceneries; first to the summertime forest (森, Mori), filled with cicadas, of Kyoto, then by the peaceful sea (海, Umi) in Wakayama, and finally, via busy Shibuya (渋谷) station, all around trip in Tokyo. TR, 2024

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