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(Chain of Tears, 2007)

  • Tenor Recorder solo (with voice)

  • Duration: flexible

  • Dedicated to Erik Bosgraaf

  • First performance on January 19, 2008, in Alkmaar, The Netherlands by Erik Bosgraaf

Kyynelketju (Chain of Tears) could also be titled Chain of Pearls. A pearl has often seen as a symbol of a tear. Whether the listener imagines tears or pearls (or something else) depends on the performer's choices. Kyynelketju has an open form and includes lots of interpretational freedom. Every performance is different, and the duration can vary drastically. The work has a primary passage (chain) and four shorter excursion passages (tears/pearls). The performer can decide the number and order of the tears/pearls in the chain. Most of the time, the performer plays the instrument and sings simultaneously, resulting in a mysteriously hissing and buzzing sound. Sometimes the played and sung voices seem to have an independent will, almost as if there are two performers instead of one. TR, 2007/2023

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