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(Le tombeau de Jouni Kaipainen, 2018)

  • Solo Theorbo, Tape

  • Duration 7 min.

  • Written for Mikko Ikäheimo with funds from Uusimaa Regional Fund. Dedicated to Jouni Kaipainen.

  • First performance on March 3, 2018, in Helsinki, Finland by Mikko Ikäheimo

Related to the 17th-century French Tombeau type of work, Juoni uses tone painting, such as ascending and descending scales, traditionally used to depict the soul's ascent to heaven or descent to the underworld. The repetitions remind us of Death knocking on the door. The gradually descending drone based on Teorbi's free strings acts as a kind of "red thread" on which the entire harmonic structure of the work is based. Juoni is dedicated to my friend Jouni Kaipainen (1956-2015). Life is like waves: sometimes we go uphill, sometimes downhill. Like a roller coaster, life sometimes goes fast and then again a little slower. TR, 2018

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