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  • Grand Piano Played by 3 Musicians

  • Duration 10 min.

  • First performance on September 21, 2004, in Vilnius, Lithuania by Joonas Ahonen, Henrik Järvi and Tuomas Nikkanen

I. Glass Music

II. Wood Music

III. Metal Music

Insiders is an exploration journey inside the grand piano researching the unconventional sounds and ways of playing the piano. There is not a single “normal” sound played on the keyboard. All sounds are produced by unordinary ways of using the piano, like plucking or damping the strings, playing harmonics etc. I have subdivided the piano alternative sound world into three categories: glass, wood and metal. There is a separate movement for each of these categories in this work. Glass, wood and metal are also basic materials of the auxiliary objects - like shot glasses, chopsticks and thimbles - used to produce the different sounds. TR, 2004

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