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Diabolic Dialogue


  • Clarinet in Bb (or Oboe), Cello

  • Duration 5 min.

  • First performance (oboe version) on March 2, 2002, in Jyväskylä, Finland by Panu Sivonen, oboe and Jaakko Rajamäki, cello

  • First performance (clarinet version) on September 2, 2003, at Ung Nordisk Musik Festival, Oslo, Norway by Gjertrud Pedersen, clarinet and Tanja Orning, cello

  • Winner of the ONMC Composer's Competition, London 2019

This duo is a sort of dialogue between the two instruments. The classical form of rhetoric has been applied to the musical structure that divides into six parts: Exordium (introduction), Narratio (bringing out the case), Propositio I & II (stressing the opinion), Confutatio(disproving the counter arguments), Confirmatio (strengthening of thesis) and Peroratio (conclusion). This piece was one of my early assignments when I was a student at the Sibelius Academy. The sound colour was not in focus in this task, only the relations of different pitches. Therefore the wind part can be played with either clarinet or oboe. TR, 2001/2022

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