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(Music for Å/A Universe - Hidden Songlines of the Baltic Sea, 2023)

  • 2 Voices (Soprano, Mezzo-soprano), Percussion (1 player), Kantele, Contrabass, Tape

  • Text: non-lexical vocables

  • Duration 20 min.

  • Commissioned by FrauVonDa

  • First performance on June 17, 2023, in Ahrenshoop, Germany by Claudia van Hasselt, voice, Golnar Shahyar, voice, Daniel Eicholz, percussion, Eva Alkula, kantele and Roland Fidezius, contrabass

I. Sampi // Sturgeon

II. Jää // Ice

III. Elämä // Life

IV. Ihminen // Human

V. Uni // Dream

This music was composed as a part of the stage work Å//A Universe - Hidden Songlines of the Baltic Sea by FrauVonDa, which premiered in Germany in 2023. 

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