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We shall meet in a place where there is no darkness


We Shall 01.png
  • Soundtrack and sound installation for the video work 'We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness' by Tomoko Yoneda

  • Duration 10 min. (loop)

  • Premiere on July 20, 2013 in Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography 

Past Exhibitions

February 11 - April 12, 2017

LASALLE, Institute of Contemporary Arts (Singapore)


September 12 - November 3, 2014

Himeji City Museum of Art, Himeji (Japan)

July 20 - September 23, 2013

Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo (Japan)


In We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness (2013) by Tomoko Yoneda we see three unfolding views. The first is a recording of a public square on the island of Sakhalin, Russia, at night, which contains a statue of a tank commemorating the end of the Japanese occupation of the island. The second video shows the lurid green glow of the Northern Lights ebbing in and out of darkness. The third video shows a lorry driving down a road in Kilpisjarvi, Lapland, which is situated near the border between Finland, Norway and Sweden. In the work, each video unfolds at a different pace, the only constant being the view of the Northern Lights. In the third video, time is literally slowed down, reflecting the gradual descent of snowflakes across the scene. We almost feel like we are watching static images, until moments where they shift, or where there is a sudden rupture, such as the moment in the first video where the street lights surrounding the square suddenly cut out. This sense of oscillating time is enhanced by the work's accompanying sound, which punctuates these moments with crescendos of noise. An ambient sound, unsynced with the videos, operates at its own speed, creating a sense of endless time.


Melanie Pocock, 2017

(Native revisions, exhibition catalogue, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore)

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