Verso (2019)

Programme note

I. Itu 

II. Silmu(kka) 

III. Vers(i)o

IV. Vesuri

V. Vesa

Verso is a piece about sprouting. The work has five consecutive movements. The Finnish word itu means an early stage of a sprout. Silmu is a young shoot and silmukka means a loop, which refers to the canonic structure of the movement. Verso is the next growing stage of the shoot and versio means version: the same passage is heard in different harmonic versions. In the next movement Vesuri (a cutting tool billhook) the music is cut out totally and, instead of instruments, we can hear breaking sounds of dry branches as well as buzzing of imaginary microscopic plants and insects. Vesa is a new shoot that grows out from a tree stump. :: Tomi Räisänen, 2021

Duration 15 min.
Commissioned by Ensemble Klangrauschen
First performance on November 23, 2019 in Lübeck, Germany by Ensemble Klangrauschen: Liz Farrell, alto flute, Marie Yamanaka, viola, Heiko Maschmann, contrabass and Ninon Gloger, piano.