Aulos at the Dionysian Feast (2004/2012)

Score Sample

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Duration 11 min.
First performance on June 17, 2012 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands by Amsterdam Collage Ensemble (ACE): Sarah Jeffery, recorder, Eva Gemeinhardt, recorder, Anna Stegmann, recorder, Anna voor de Wind, clarinet, Ryoko Imai, percussion, Brian Archinal, percussion, Konradin Herzog, cond.

Programme Note

During the ancient Greek period and later Roman period there was used a double reed instrument called aulos. The aulos consists of two cylinder tubes that were played in pairs by one player. Sound of the aulos was considered unsettling as well as wild and it was connected especially to the Dionysian cult. Therefore for example Plato banned the aulos being barbaric and unfitting to civilized state. Modern recorder and ancient aulos have some structural points in common. However the most interesting similarity is the fact that there is a possibility to play two recorders simultaneously in way of aulos. In this work the recorder players play two recorders simultaneously with different combinations. Some of the recorders have been tuned a quartertone lower to give an unique and restless sound.